rebecca + renee

Myn Showroom (pronounced ‘mine’) is a wholesale fashion firm representing major contemporary designer labels in the Southern Region of the United States. Myn Showroom specializes in selling to high-end specialty boutiques and department stores.

The idea for Myn Showroom originated when Renee Halloran and Rebecca Johnson both worked at Lisa Kline, one of Los Angeles’ most prestigious boutiques. Renee and Rebecca formed an immediate bond and always discussed opening a business together that focused on their true passion – high-end women’s fashion.

After several years on the retail side of the industry, each of the girls ventured into the wholesale side. Renee continued to pursue her career in Los Angeles, while Rebecca moved to Dallas for a new opportunity. Despite the distance, their friendship remained strong. As fate would have it, Renee eventually moved to Dallas, and subsequently, their dreams of starting a business together became a reality when Myn Showroom opened in July 2011.

As friends and as partners, Renee and Rebecca remain committed to representing the best designers in the industry while building and maintaining strong relationships with each one of their clients.